Advise Your Expectations for a Reply

If a Sender expects a reply to an email, should it be stated in the email? “Please Respond…..” or “I expect a response…” really isn’t necessary. Responses are expected and customary. That is unless the Recipient is intentionally ignoring the Sender.

When someone takes the time to email another, common courtesy dictates that the Recipient respond in a timely basis. To not respond because the Sender didn’t specifically ask for a response,?is not an excuse to not do so and can be perceived as intentionally ignoring the other side.

This certainly doesn’t apply to spam, forwarded chain letter emails or those email that are from folks you don’t know. Responding promptly, even if to just send a “Thank You” with a short comment back helps build relationships and avoid misunderstandings.

What about a general email that has been addressed to a large group for informational purposes?? As far as informative mass emails, a reply is not expected unless it is specifically stated otherwise that the Sender wants to hear from all involved.Then reply only to the Sender (Not Reply to All). For mass emails, if you want to solicit replies from everyone you send to, simply include a statement to that effect.

In a day where it is increasingly common for emails to land in the Trash/Junk folder due to being misidentified as spam, taking a moment to reply if only to acknowledge receipt is what courteous Netizens do!

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