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Should I have a Signature File on Personal E-mails?

Sure; why not!?

What many don’t think about is the fact that your signature file can have your informal personal sign-offs which include info you probably wouldn’t include in formal business email.

One great example is if you are someone who rarely signs their name because they may be too lazy or think it unimportant to do so. No sign-off or name does increase the risk of misrepresenting tone of your email. No sign-off or name and it can be viewed as terse or you being too blunt or and upset.

Let your sig file set the tone of your email for you! While not the end all be all, your signature file is like the bow on a package. The final touch to bring everything together.

Remember, you are not limited to just one signature file — you can have as many as you need or want. You could have a sig file you use with romantic partners:


One for new social friends:

See you online!
Twitter: @
Facebook: URL here

And another for friends:

Talk to you soon,

And another for family:

All my love,

You get the idea! This way you are always signing off your name, with the appropriate sign-off and preventing your emails from sounding surly or abrupt by not including a courtesy ending. (Yes, we should make an effort to be courteous even with those we know best and communicate with most!)

I have a collection of sig files that I use purely for personal communications. I select which I am going to apend based on who I am communicating with, which side of the family, the tone and intent I want to relay based on the conversation at hand. As you can see the possibilities are endless!

And if you use a program that allows multiple signature files, you can have as many sig files as moods! If your software doesn’t offer the ability to have multiple signature files know you are probably missing out on other tools and functionality that are not available to you that can make your life a lot easier. Like templates, filters, color coding and so much more. I use Post Box and don’t know what I would do without it.

Always sign-off your emails and take advantage of the opportunity to end your communications in a way that leaves no room for interpretation — or misunderstanding.

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