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E-mail and Web Copyright

Even though the Internet/Web is publicly accessible, contrary to popular assumption this is not a "public domain" environment. I've had many clients over the years who I have worked that have tried to use photos and text from other sites using the excuse "public domain" -- wrong! Too many also Continue reading

Online Copyright Myths

Possunt quia posse videntur. (Latin: They can because they think they can.) One of the most misunderstood issues online has to do with copyright. Both with e-mail and Web site content copyright issues. For some reason, as with many things online, there is this incorrect perception that Continue reading

Is Cc: Enough to Forward to Others?

What is proper E-mail Etiquette when forwarding personal e-mails sent to you to a third party? By Cc:ing the Sender when you forward their e-mail make it "O.K."? No, it does not! That e-mail was sent to you for your eyes only! Whether it be a business or personal e-mail common courtesy would Continue reading