Email Etiquette 101

Common courtesy, social graces and socially acceptable behavior. All are used in a civilized society where humans interact with one another. Cyberspace is not any different and that’s where Email Etiquette comes in.

How you will be perceived, the type of human being that you are or for that matter are not, your credibility and your levels of professionalism and ethics will be judged by how you choose to communicate with others online. Yes, to be aware of and practice Email Etiquette is a choice…

Netiquette = Network Etiquette
Email Etiquette and Proper Technology Use

"Using technology effectively to communicate with others
with knowledge, understanding and courtesy."

  • Do you skip including a courteous greeting and closing in your emails because you believe they are not necessary?
  • Do you type in caps or all lower case?
  • Do you send unannounced large attachments that shut down the other side’s email?
  • Do you forward emails with everyone’s email address in the To: field?
  • Do you forward emails without including a friendly personal comment?
  • Do you email sites asking for information they do in fact have online for your convenience simply because you don’t want to take the time to read?

To minimize the importance of online for commercial gain, lack of proper Email Etiquette may very well deter those who otherwise may have considered doing business with you.

These are the issues you need to know about and skills you need to hone to be considered someone people want to communicate with online. Because after all, this is about Just 10 Little Common Courtesies . . .

Simply follow the link at the bottom of each “Courtesy”
to complete the entire Email Etiquette 101!
Shall we begin?

Courtesy #1: Get to know the basics!