Email Etiquette: Courtesy #2 ~ Online Perception is the Only Reality

It is the little things in your email that can leave a positive impression — or not. Taking the time to do certain things can and will make communicating with you a pleasant experience.

While not everyone is as concerned about how they are perceived, these two things can help to add courtesy and clarity to your communications!

  1. Start your email with brief and concise Subject: which accurately portrays the content of your email. The Subject: field is not the place to ask questions or to contain your only comments while you send a blank email. You also want to refrain from using an old email message and hitting reply to type about a new subject because you didn’t add your contact’s email address to your address book. Add folks to your address book so you can start new conversations easily and avoid misunderstandings in the process.
  2. Always start your email with "Hello", "Hi", "Dear" or whatever you are comfortable with and works for you and the name of the person you are emailing. When you make a phone call you always say "Hello" to the person who picks up the phone. A little idle chit-chat asking how the other person is, what is new, etc. then ensues. I am not suggesting that you have paragraphs of senseless chit-chat before you get to your point, just that you show some interest and courtesy to the person on the other side included within a nice greeting.

Little touches such as this will ensure the recipient looks forward to seeing your name in their inbox.

As a courtesy to your fellow Netizens, mind your manners and be nice.  

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