Email Etiquette: Courtesy #3 ~ Proofread, Spellcheck, Proper Grammar

  • Always spellcheck your email, proofread for errors, capitalize your sentences and use appropriate punctuation and grammar. 

    "If a emale is writon with speeling mestakes and gramitckal errors, you mite git the meening, however, the messige is not as affective, or smoothly redable. 

    Poor writing is equivalent to someone speaking with spinach stuck between their teeth. Listeners and readers concentrate on the spinach; not what is being said." 

  • Family and friends know you best and are probably the most forgiving when we are not on our best behavior. However, with business acquaintances or other online contacts, proper formatting is crucial to building your relationship and credibility. Remember, not using proper sentence structure (no punctuation, all caps or all lowercase) will reflect on your level of education and professionalism.
  • Working on your writing skills is something that is ongoing so that you can communicate with clarity. No one is expecting you write with perfection, just that you make the necessary effort and be open to improving your skills.
  • Refrain from using multiple !!!!! or ?????. Multiple exclamation points and question marks risk giving the perception that you are sarcastic and condescending. Do you understand??????

Type in complete sentences. Create new paragraphs when the subject matter shifts. Always take the time to review your email before clicking send. Reading your emails out loud can help avoid unintentional intent or tone especially with emotionally charged topics.

As a courtesy to your fellow Netizens, communicate clearly and properly without errors. Use the education you received in grade school. 

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