Email Etiquette: Courtesy #7 ~ Do Not Spam!

Never, ever, ever, never send anyone an email about anything (especially your product or service) if the recipient did not specifically email you for that information and you are responding to their request. Sending UCE (Unsolicited Commercial Email) is not an accepted practice of "cold calling" or lead generating online. 


Not looked for or requested; unsought 

In order to gain commercially online you should have a great looking Web site that gets found when looked for. That is just one of many ways to generate leads online. Emailing strangers is not one of them!

  • To assume that because so many people are sending junk email that means it is "O.K.", acceptable or the same as cold-calling off-line, you couldn’t be further from the truth. Cold-calling online is called spam! Spammers get their accounts cancelled by ISPs every day. Online, credible businesses simply do not email potential contacts or customers they do not know about their commercial enterprise, services or products without permission first. Especially if the files are large and software specific.
  • This includes going from Website to Website and pasting your generic sales pitch into their online form. You are still sending unsolicited commercial email to someone who didn’t ask for it. Using a Website’s contact form to get your information in someone’s inbox does not negate that fact. The best way to sell to other sites through their contact form is to ask first! Send a short email asking if they would be interested in your product or service and if you can send additional information their way. If you do not get a response – that means no!
  • There are no actual remove lists when it comes to spammers or companies you have not had previous contact with. Never follow instructions from unscrupulous spammers that state you just need to hit reply to be removed from further mailings. If you do, you will have just confirmed you are a "live" account and your junk mail will increase exponentially as your email address is resold over and over again.

If you are not sure how to market your product or service online within established guidelines, hire a professional to help you out and keep you out of trouble.

As a courtesy to your fellow Netizens, don’t fill their mail boxes with email only you feel is important with out their permission first. 

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