Remember, E-mails are Sempiternal

What?!  If you follow any of my Blogs, you’ll know that every once and awhile I run into a new fun word that spawns a post.  Sempiternal is one of those words.

sempiternal \sem-pih-TUR-nuhl\, adjective
Of never-ending duration; having beginning but no end; everlasting; endless.

How does that apply to e-mail you say? You can never assume that any e-mail you send is gone, deleted and will never be seen again. Folks hang on to their e-mails, archive those they want to “remember” — for good and bad reasons alike — pass them on and even post them to the Web. While posting to the Web without your permission is copyright infringement — it still happens.

You delete them off your computer and they are gone forever, right? Wrong. Unless you are a real techie-whiz and still even then, traces of those e-mails are on your hard drive. Just check the news for the latest bad guy caught because they underestimated the Delete button in their e-mail program!

And even if you think you’ve deleted the e-mail on your side, your employer, friends and even strangers could have a copy of that e-mail. Since e-mail is clearly sempiternal; never put anything in an e-mail your wouldn’t want your Mother to read and you have nothing to worry about!