Courtesy and Photos as E-mail Attachments

Sending of arbitrary e-mail attachments without notice is inconsiderate. Why you ask?

Contrary to what popular belief seems to be, you just cannot attach anything to an e-mail and click Send. Well, you can physically do so but that doesn’t mean you should.  You could reformat your hard drive and erase all your files too, but you don’t do you? Files megs in size are simply not meant to go through the pipeline.

Since you have no view into the e-mail volume of the person you are sending to, what do you think happens when you send those megs and megs of pictures of little Bruno? You fill up the other person’s e-mail box and cause all subsequent e-mail to bounce, that’s what! Who knows what e-mail they were expecting or opportunities they may have lost due to e-mail bouncing because of a lack of consideration?

For photos, minimize or “resample” them with the graphic software on your computer to say 600-800 pixels in width from the 1,000-4,000 size that comes right off your camera. Nothing needs to be larger than that for the other side to view. Only attach a couple at a time to an e-mail — not 10 or 15 or more. And, before you send your attachments always ask who you are sending to when would be the best time to do so to ensure they are there to download them and keep their e-mail flowing. Just a little courtesy is all it takes.

Minimizing photo size and asking first is proper technology use with a dash of courtesy. Minimize and ask first… That’s all you have to do to be viewed as a Netizen who gets it and thinks of others besides themselves.