How E-mail (and Social Media) Was Invented

I remember when I opened my business in 1995 in small town on the Illinois/Wisconsin border — I was at the time the only one e-mailing on my block! The first week the doors were open an older gentleman poked his head in and stated “…you think you’re going to make a living off this fad?” Fad….. I smiled and said for him to check back with me in 10 years after this “fad” had changed our lives.

What many don’t realize is that E-mail has been around for decades. Yes, decades. Did you know the first e-mail was sent in 1971? How did we every survive without e-mail? We can’t live without it! E-mail doesn’t come through instantly and we panic. We check e-mail on vacations, at weddings — in church! We have an entire segment of our culture that are “crackberry” addicts!

I thought you might find it interesting how e-mail started (before it was considered as part of Social Media) so long ago building up to what we today already take for granted. And, to think, we all have MCI to thank!

Here are two interesting reads on the very technology that has changed our lives… Enjoy!