E-mail Receipt Fibs

Funny how I every so often I get an e-mail asking my advice if it is okay to fib about the receipt of an e-mail. Some feel it is O.K. to act as though they haven’t received an e-mail thereby giving them an excuse to not respond. Can’t respond to what you haven’t received, right? Wrong!

Unless there is a typo in an e-mail address or someone’s computer crashes — rare are the e-mails that do not get delivered.  Being a liar of any level is an indication about what type of person you are, your character and integrity. Even the smallest fib can lead to larger lies when justified in such a way as to help you avoid doing something unpleasant. Like telling the truth.

If you receive an e-mail that requires an uncomfortable honest response — don’t take the stance that if you pretend you didn’t receive the e-mail that then justifies your lack of honesty. Sometimes the right thing to do simply isn’t the easiest thing to do…

For example when offered a job you are not interested in, made an offer you don’t want to entertain or asked a question that you don’t want to answer, use our wonderful language to choose the verbiage that kindly reflects your honest reply.

Just because an e-mail warrants you respond in a way that may decline an offer or refuse to answer a question doesn’t mean you don’t reply at all. Show that you are a reliable onliner by responding honestly and in such a way as to not be terse, abrasive or insulting.

Adjectives are a wonderful thing — choose the ones that honestly show your point of view and you’ll keep the door open to future opportunities and correspondence while still being able to look yourself in the mirror.